The Masons…

A lovely story that will speak to the child in everyone.

Rethinking Life

IMG_3700The Mason children weren’t like other children.  They were quiet and well behaved, of course, but Gerald, Ethel, Pearl and William were theater kids and that put them into a different category entirely.  They wrote songs and plays, danced, sang, played instruments and put on grand productions, making their own costumes and preforming their own stunts.

Harold and Jean Mason were busy parents and thought that anything that amused their children and kept them busy was something to be applauded.  While they never missed show, they skipped their rehearsals and any number of other things in which their children were involved.

Pearl was a beauty and boys were starting to notice her.  She shunned them unless they were interested in reading and the theater, which effectively eliminated ninety percent of the males who tried to speak to her.   Harold and Jean were happy about that and, unlike other parents…

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Market Day in May

Market Day in May

First Night Design | Wings over the World

Sarah Vernon at First Night Design is one of my favorite artists. In this post, she shares her technique for achieving the lovely layered effect she gets for her artwork.

First Night Design

The pleasure of creation is infinite and Wings over the World was immensely enjoyable to do.

Using Photoshop, I began with a coastal scene from, a good site for free images.


I overlaid this with another Unsplash photograph of seagulls, which I set to the ‘Hard Light’ blend mode.


I followed with a texture from 2 Lil’ Owls in ‘Multiply’ mode at 82%.


The next stage was selecting only the seagulls from that photograph and making these into a separate layer to go over the texture. This I put in ‘Multiply’ mode at 61%.


The final touch was a Kim Klassen texture in ‘Colour Burn’ mode.


The resulting image is below. I’m rather fond of it. I hope you are too.

Wings over the World © Sarah VernonWings over the World © Sarah Vernon. Available on cards, posters and wrapped canvas.

Available at the following galleries:
Zazzle US
Zazzle UK
Fine Art America
Fine Art…

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You have enough to start

This article could have been written with the artist pointing her finger directly at me! Love her advice, “It doesn’t matter how slow you are, as long as you don’t stop.” Well said.

Celandine Art Talk

You know that old joke? A traveler lost in the Scottish countryside stops a local farmer and asks him which way to Aberdeen, and the farmer replies “Och, if I were going to Aberdeen,I wouldna start from here”. 

We feel that way a lot in life. I don’t think it’s only artists – anyone who has far-reaching goals has at some point thought to themselves, ‘if I wanted to get to that level of achievement, I wouldn’t start from here.’ The gap between your current position and your ultimate goal seems so big, you feel there have got to be some more intermediate steps between your messy reality and you actually starting to work towards your ideal.

But there aren’t.

Every time you tell yourself ‘I’ll start working on this seriously as soon as I……’, you are procrastinating. You don’t need a studio. You don’t need better pens…

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Retro Quatrefoil Pattern Designs, Throw Blankets from

Retro Quatrefoil Pattern Designs, Throw Blankets


Hello Everyone!
I just discovered for putting together fun design sets to share with others. I don’t know why I haven’t come across it before now. I thought I would share some of my designs from Zazzle with you this way.
The quatrefoil design has been very popular this season for both throw blankets and many other items on Zazzle. I grew up with this retro design being popular while I was in my teens. I didn’t know what it was technically called until I started creating it myself.
There are tens of thousands of items on Zazzle with the Quatrefoil design on it and you may visit through my designs above or by going straight to the Quatrefoil designs on Zazzle
I’m sure the Quatrefoil designs will start taking on very springlike tones very soon as winter draws to a close.  🙂