A Few Hours Later

I love reading about other artists and their creative processes. This post about how one artist created these mixed media journal pages is very inspirational to me! Beautiful work. 🙂


I took a sheet of Black Canson Mi Tientes and tore it down following Teesha Moore’s 16 page journal instructions. You can google it – if I link it the video shows up and I don’t like that.

I monoprinted both sides of each sheet (3 sheets make up the 16 pages with flaps also counting as a page. I will do further printing on some later this week when I’m with my friends in the city.

I will also do more stamping. The white marks below are some preliminary marks made with fun foam stamps and acrylic paint. The blue circles are made with the end of a cork I found while walking.

At the same time I cleaned my brayer off on blank journal spreads in my small Moleskine.

After awhile I started monoprinting directly on the spreads by actually putting the open book facedown on the Gel…

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First Night Design | Wings over the World

Sarah Vernon at First Night Design is one of my favorite artists. In this post, she shares her technique for achieving the lovely layered effect she gets for her artwork.

First Night Design

The pleasure of creation is infinite and Wings over the World was immensely enjoyable to do.

Using Photoshop, I began with a coastal scene from Unsplash.com, a good site for free images.


I overlaid this with another Unsplash photograph of seagulls, which I set to the ‘Hard Light’ blend mode.


I followed with a texture from 2 Lil’ Owls in ‘Multiply’ mode at 82%.


The next stage was selecting only the seagulls from that photograph and making these into a separate layer to go over the texture. This I put in ‘Multiply’ mode at 61%.


The final touch was a Kim Klassen texture in ‘Colour Burn’ mode.


The resulting image is below. I’m rather fond of it. I hope you are too.

Wings over the World © Sarah VernonWings over the World © Sarah Vernon. Available on cards, posters and wrapped canvas.

Available at the following galleries:
Zazzle US
Zazzle UK
Fine Art America
Fine Art…

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Beginning the day with a magical hummingbird

I love the way that Janet Weight Reed starts her creative day by painting a watercolor of one of her magical hummingbirds! Who needs to start the day out listening to nerve wracking news anyways. 🙂

My Life as an Artist (2)

It is important for me to have rhythm and structure in my life.      These two elements allow me the freedom to create.    I have also learned that the way I begin my day is vital.

Image I used to listen to the BBC news first thing, and realised that it was 99% negative and designed to ignite fear and anxiety in the listener.

ImageI now listen to soothing music for the first hour or two while either writing or doing a warm up watercolour.

ImageToday I start with painting a gentle magical hummingbird.     I have used hummingbird imagery in my paintings for over thirty years.    They symbolise for me the unseen magic in our world.

ImageI am using watercolour paper with a neutral ground which I applied some time ago.    Remember when working from a ground…it is important to…

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3 Things “Coffee Blobs” Teach Me About Creativity

I love how Carla Sonheim finds creativity in the simplest things such as coffee spills on the counter. It never fails, I always see the potential to create a cute ‘blob creature’ from one of her awesome and happy ‘accidents’. Read on and see if you are motivated to look at ‘accidents’ in a different light as well.


I have a coffee pot that leaks all over the counter if I pour too fast.

I know this, and I always begin by pouring slowly, but then I get impatient and speed up, and coffee drips all over the counter.

I’ve been thinking about these coffee “blobs” and have come up with three things these blobs and creativity have in common:

1. Blobs and Creativity are Both Messy (And Messes are Fun).coffeeblob1

It’s fun to see what will happen when you pull out the scissors and yarn, the paint and canvas, the charcoal and paper. And, apparently, it’s fun to let the coffee drip all over the counter. There’s a thrill when the coffee begins dripping (or when the first mark or stitch is made).

What’s going to happen? Will it be something cool this time? The anticipation of what a mess might turn into is satisfying. Messes are unpredictable, and that’s fun.

3. Blobs…

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