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Hello Creative People!

I do hope the New Year is treating you very well thus far. I came across a post on the blog and felt inspired to tie it in with my own post today.

If you feel your beliefs are in alignment with their blog, be sure and jump in and contribute to their posts to spread the message of Peace versus War in our world.

An art print from an original painting by Itaya  titled 'My Best Friend'.

An art print from an original painting by Itaya titled ‘My Best Friend’.

My painting titled ‘Best Friends’ was meant to capture the sentiment of embracing others and being friends even when it is a very unlikely pairing. This seems to be a theme throughout my entire life with my having unlikely friendships with others. Don’t you agree that our whole world would be a much more positive place to live in if we just accepted others and their way of being and believing?

I don’t feel the need to change anyone’s beliefs and I expect others to afford me the same courtesy. It has not always been easy to accept another’s beliefs when it so profoundly differs from my own, but it has gotten much easier as I’ve gotten older.

My son chose to join the military and ended up doing two tours of Iraq. It was quite challenging for me to accept his beliefs and accept his decision to serve our country in the manner he chose. Ultimately, I had no choice. I love my son and respect his choices and beliefs. I’m very proud of him and appreciate his bravery and courage. I may not agree with him at all times, but I definitely accept his choices such as that one.

Is there someone in your life that you have had to work at accepting their beliefs and choices when they are very different from your own? Do you agree that we need more focus on peace versus war as the Artists for Peace blog states? is having a special offer going on until Sunday with Free Shipping!

Free Shipping Offer on - Use Code CR3XUT

Free Shipping Offer on – Use Code CR3XUT

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Hooray for Black Friday Deals and Steals!!

Hello Artsy People!

Who says that Black Friday has to be stressful? Not me! I don’t like fighting the crowds just to save a few bucks. Nope, I’d rather approach things from an online perspective.

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Black Friday

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An art print from an original painting by Itaya titled 'As Beautiful as the Day is Long'.

An art print from an original painting by Itaya titled ‘As Beautiful as the Day is Long’.

Art print from an original painting by Itaya titled 'Burning Promise'.

Art print from an original painting by Itaya titled ‘Burning Promise’.

Just the Three of Us

Art print from an original painting by Itaya titled ‘Just the Three of Us’


Whatever you decide to do between now and Christmas, it is my wish that you have a Joyous and Fun time with all of those you hold dear.

Seasons Blessings!