3 Things “Coffee Blobs” Teach Me About Creativity

I love how Carla Sonheim finds creativity in the simplest things such as coffee spills on the counter. It never fails, I always see the potential to create a cute ‘blob creature’ from one of her awesome and happy ‘accidents’. Read on and see if you are motivated to look at ‘accidents’ in a different light as well.


I have a coffee pot that leaks all over the counter if I pour too fast.

I know this, and I always begin by pouring slowly, but then I get impatient and speed up, and coffee drips all over the counter.

I’ve been thinking about these coffee “blobs” and have come up with three things these blobs and creativity have in common:

1. Blobs and Creativity are Both Messy (And Messes are Fun).coffeeblob1

It’s fun to see what will happen when you pull out the scissors and yarn, the paint and canvas, the charcoal and paper. And, apparently, it’s fun to let the coffee drip all over the counter. There’s a thrill when the coffee begins dripping (or when the first mark or stitch is made).

What’s going to happen? Will it be something cool this time? The anticipation of what a mess might turn into is satisfying. Messes are unpredictable, and that’s fun.

3. Blobs…

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