Retro Quatrefoil Pattern Designs, Throw Blankets from

Retro Quatrefoil Pattern Designs, Throw Blankets


Hello Everyone!
I just discovered for putting together fun design sets to share with others. I don’t know why I haven’t come across it before now. I thought I would share some of my designs from Zazzle with you this way.
The quatrefoil design has been very popular this season for both throw blankets and many other items on Zazzle. I grew up with this retro design being popular while I was in my teens. I didn’t know what it was technically called until I started creating it myself.
There are tens of thousands of items on Zazzle with the Quatrefoil design on it and you may visit through my designs above or by going straight to the Quatrefoil designs on Zazzle
I’m sure the Quatrefoil designs will start taking on very springlike tones very soon as winter draws to a close.  🙂